August 2016



Are you interested of what’s to become of PMD1? — The Clybourn industrial corridor on the north side of Chicago that will soon be redeveloped.  People who live nearby, commute through the area, or are drawn to its shops and the Chicago River will be affected by this decision.


The city just had public meetings about the future of PMD1 but not everyone can go to a public meeting.  Second Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins and 43rd Ward Alderman Michele Smith made it possible to stream the first meeting live on the interwebs however there are still people streaming can’t reach.


To combat this road block, the Department of Planning and Development has gone full social by putting together sMap to get ideas from its residents.



What is sMap?

Created by some of the country’s top urban planners, sMap is a cloud- based community engagement platform that allows cities to effectively engage and empower its residents. Once a city or government agency subscribes to sMap, its citizens can map and identify issues they see within their community. This allows cities to be smarter, receiving comments in real time throughout a process.


Report and Update!

sMap gives you the ability to add your points to a map. Each time you click on a map you can specify the type of point you are adding, give your point a title, and then add a description. 


How to start?

After creating an account here, you can start adding Points in the map.


To add a point to your map, zoom to your desired location and click on the map. A window will pop up where you will define the type of point you are adding and provide a title and any additional notes.





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